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FREE Advertising for New Members!

WDAY is offering a free advertising schedule on WDAY-TV, WDAY-AM and EDAY, Fargo's CW. The minimum value of this schedule will be $1000. Clients without an existing ad can work with WDAY to produce an ad at a minimal charge, starting at $150 for Television and $50 for radio. WDAY will schedule these campaigns in our best available spots, based on client need, and current availabilites on our commerical inventory.

This offer is only valid to new Chamber members joining between April 1, 2015 through June 30, 2015. This offer is subject to commercial availability and may require occasional rescheduling. New members will need to take advantage of the offer by January 31, 2016.


Spotlight Media is offering new members who join between February 1 and April 31 of 2015 a free half-page ad to help get your word out. Spotlight Media has four high quality publiciations in the area: they are Fargo Monthly, Stride, Design & Living and Bison Illustrated. Spot Light Media will work with you to select the right publication for your business! You can use your art, or for $200 our trained designers will bring your ideas to life!

Spotlight Media

For additional questions, please contact Tracy Meckler at 218.359.0527 or tmecker@fmwfchamber.com.

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Being a Chamber member is an investment in your business because it means access to networking events, educational training opportunities, world-class speakers and myriad opportunities to connect with other business professionals. It also means having an organization advocating on your behalf on important public policy issues.

If all you do is pay your membership fee, you will get a welcome letter and a nice sticker to put on your front door. However, if you invest in building trusting, professional relationships with others through The Chamber, the rewards in leads, sales, and friendships are potentially game-changing for your business.

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We want to know if your membership is working for you. Provide membership feedback or contact the Membership Team at membership@fmwfchamber.com. You can also schedule a benefits review by calling 218.233.1100.

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